Platinum Series

Here is another Series of pliers from You can actually compare these with other leading brands as these have steel inserted tips. They perform the way you want them to perform. Just like the Signature Series, the Platinum Series also offer the quadruple advantage: Quality, Selection, Service and Price.

  • Platinum Series pliers also come with the inserted tips made of a special stainless steel alloy to resist rust and corrosion.
  • The special stainless steel alloy provides 65 Rockwell hardness to guarantee an unsurpassed performance.
  • Box joint, steel forgings and a longer working life are only some of the other advantages of Platinum Series.
  • They are guaranteed to perform to your total satisfaction.
  • We are determined to be your first choice for pliers so we take the challenge for Platinum Series too. Test our pliers against pliers from any other company.
  • We can also service the Platinum Series pliers when necessary, if necessary.
  • Exclusively from Platinum Series pliers also come in sterilization pouch ready to go directly to the sterilizer.
  • The price: Actually it is less than 6 cents a day. You cannot afford not to have them. When you consider the long life and unmatched performance of these pliers, Platinum Series also offer an excellent “cost in use” solution for your specific needs.