Signature Series

Pliers are an investment! That’s why we put our Signature on them. The Signature Series pliers are made of best quality stainless steel completely in the USA.

  • All the Signature Series pliers offer tungsten carbide tips protected by 5 year unsurpassed warranty.
  • They deliver longer working life outlasting the steel inserted pliers 10 to 1.
  • The Signature Series have box joints that reduce wire fraying, and ensure long-term precise alignment.
  • They are corrosion resistant and perform much longer and better, thus offering the best cost in use solution.
  • Exceptional wear resistance and our advanced cutting edge technology guarantee 7000 more patients after your stainless steel pliers wear out.
  • Inserted tips are guaranteed not to break or pop out.
  • can service, repair, and resharpen your pliers if necessary.
  • Exclusively from, the Signature Series are packaged in a sterilization pouch ready to go directly to the sterilizer.
  • If you find a better plier we’ll buy you your pliers from the company of your choice.
  • The price: Actually it is less than 4 cents per day. You can’t afford not to buy them!
  • Don’t believe us? Test them! Contact us for the challenge!