Web Design

We offer free Internet access to our clients in the US. No purchase is required, so contact us today and get online courtesy of Ortho-Byte.com!

If you have been thinking about putting your business on the web, here is your opportunity! We believe Internet is the best way to promote your practice and inform your patients about orthodontic treatment. Therefore, we are ready to design the dream web site for you. Well, we built our complete business in the web, didn’t we?

Think technology, think speed, think ahead… Think ortho-byte.com!

You will get:

  • A www.yourname.com domain registration
  • 1 year hosting of your web site
  • Complete design with pictures and animated graphics
  • Web site as big as 5 pages.
  • One interactive form (i.e. guest book, questionnaire, feedback etc) Form will generate e-mail, which is automatically forwarded to you containing the information entered by visitors.
  • Registration of your website with the major search engines and directories such as Yahoo, Excite, AltaVista, HotBot, Lycos, etc.
  • Yearly maintenance and management of your web site for changes and updates.
  • Link with ortho-byte.com web site for easy ordering
  • It sounds expensive, what is the cost of all this?

    It is not expensive! We even have 3 different payment options for you!

    Option 1
    You can pay a total of only $1795 for a year covering all the benefits listed above and forget about any other fees or monthly charges etc.

    Option 2
    We can divide the cost and prepare you a special payment plan:
    Set Up fee: $35 (one time)
    Web Design: $895 payable immediately
    1 year hosting fee: $65/month for 12 months
    Search Engine Registration: $110 upon completion of design
    Maintenance and Management: $300 due quarterly, or $485 semiannually, or $685 annually.
    Total: $2495 per year including $895 initial cost.

    Option 3
    We’ll work extra and offer all these services FREE, when you buy 250 cases* of our Progression, X-Treme, Integra or Synthesis brackets. You will also get the quantity savings in our web site. Can you imagine a better deal?

    *(5-5 Upper & Lower, 20 brackets/case) Several brands can be combined to reach the quantity!

    Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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