MAGNITUBE Double Combination Tubes offers a wide range of buccal tubes manufactured utilizing the latest technology. Available in Edgewise, MBT and Straightwire techniques, our buccal tubes feature a low profile design. They are strong and smooth. Magnitube buccal tubes are rounded for ultimate patient comfort. The hooks are integral part of the cast stainless steel structure. Magnitube buccal tubes can be purchased individually as weldable and bondable or you can order them prewelded on Viper bands. Choose among our Single, Double Combination, Double Convertible and Triple Convertible designs the buccal tube that fits your needs.

Magnitube buccal tubes are:

  • Manufactured from the best stainless steel.
  • Smooth tubes and rounded design for maximum patient comfort.
  • All tubes come with integral hooks.
  • Available in .018 or .022 slot sizes
  • Accurate tip and in/out dimensions are built into the tubes.
  • Compound contour design and precision torque assure the best clinical results.
  • Available weldable, bondable or on molar bands in Straightwire, MBT and Edgewise prescriptions.

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