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Welcome To Ortho-Byte

Since 1999, Ortho-Byte has been a global leader in manufacturing innovative orthodontic products.  It has been our mission to identify and develop ideas that will improve the quality of dental care and to provide our clients with quality orthodontic products, assist in their treatment goals and patient treatment success. We believe that innovation and the creation of unique and differentiated products are the cornerstone of the company, and make Ortho-Byte one of the most recognized and trusted brands in orthodontics today.
Our goal is to respond to our customer’s individual needs by first maximizing the potential of their design and then commercializing a final product that surpasses the highest and strictest industry quality control standards endorsed by clinicians and independent research organizations. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and packaging facilities, now spread across 4 countries, provide our customers with an unprecedented array of customized product and packaging solutions.
Explore orthodontics with Ortho-Byte. It’s not one more thing we do, it’s the ONLY thing we do. We appreciate our customers, our distributors that carry our products with or without private label, and our vendors. Nobody can offer you a better quality and a better price. Nobody!